Orchestral Music

Concertante Symphony no. 1 'Divinity' /albums is one of the four Concertante Symphonies that are connected in unity.

Concertante Symphonies no. 2-4 will be released in the near future.

Hidden herein and shining through this unity is a 9-part Symphony called Symphony no. 1 "Together in Unity". When all the Concertante Symphonies are published, the listener can place the works in the following order to complete this Symphony:  

  1. Revelation (Version 1)  
  2. Serenity  
  3. Child’s Play (Symphony version)  
  4. Unity   
  5. Victory 
  6. Grace (Symphony version)  
  7. Omnipresence (Symphony version)  
  8. The Eternal Guardians of Love  
  9. Wish  


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